1. Givsum Help Desk
  2. Creating Fundraising & Volunteer Opportunity Pages

Primary Opportunity Image/ Video

We want to help you make sure you choose the most attractive primary photo or video for your cover page so that you get the results you need from your potential donor, attendee, or volunteer!

Photos or videos that represent your cause or the type of event you are putting on will be a quick way to draw a users eye to your opportunity.


Here are some important guidelines:

  1. Avoid text and graphics. We always display your logo and your event name with your opportunity image, so you don't have to worry about that. Furthermore, text and graphics can detract from the valuable details of your event. Lastly, by not using a nice photo, you are missing your opportunity to give attendees or volunteers a visual for your event or cause.

  2. Make sure your photo is at least 600x1200 (size & resolution). This is important to ensure that your image will look good on large screens. When a user is logged out, your image will span the width of their browser window so a small photo will look grainy and pixellated.  Images will be automatically cropped at 1x2, so if you want your entire image to show correctly, be sure to create your image accordingly.  

  3. Use professional quality photos. Quality goes beyond the resolution of a photo. Attractive colors, good composition, and clear subject matter can go a long way in attracting users to click on your event.


To upload your image: 

  1. Click the Camera icon located in the box next to “Photo.”
  2. Click the presented circle to add your picture.


To upload your video (YouTube and Vimeo only):

1.  Place the video "Share" url link on the video line. 

2. Select "Upload."