Point of Sale App and Mobile Card Reader

Interested in using Givsum's Point of Sale App to do quick, easy processing of tickets, items, and packages live at your event?

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Givsum's Point of Sale App allows you to do your payment processing live at your event using the app and a Stripe card scanner that connects to the Givsum platform. 

Givsum's Point of Sale App is connected to the Givsum platform, so before you can start swiping credit cards as a Givsum Admin, you first need to create your tickets, items, and packages to sell on your event's Opportunity Page. Givsum Point coming soon to Android.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create your tickets, items, and packages in Givsum for sale in the Point of Sale App:

  1. Login to Givsum as an Admin. Make sure your Organization is displayed in the top left corner.
  2. Create your event's Opportunity Page. For more information on how to set up your Opportunity Page, click here.
  3. Create your tickets, items, and packages for purchase within the page's Opportunity Page Editor. 
  4. If you would like to be able to charge people a Custom Amount while using the app, create an Item called "Custom Amount" for $0 on the Opportunity Page Editor. When you go to charge someone a custom amount, you will select the "Custom Amount" button on the app and then select "Add Additional Donation" to input the amount you would like to charge the customer. 


Once you have created your opportunity and are ready to start charging, you can use the Point of Sale App. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the app:

  1. Download the Givsum Point App on the Apple Store.
  2. Select your Organization.
  3. Select your Opportunity.
  4. Select the Ticket, Item, or Package you wish to charge.
  5. Click the Ticket, Item, or Package you wish to charge multiple times to add more than one to cart. For example, if you wish to sell two tickets, click the ticket twice and it will add two to cart. 
  6. Click "Review Cart" (it will display the number of tickets, items, or packages for sale).
  7. Click "Add a Customer" if the customer would like a receipt and input their name and email.
  8. Click "Proceed to Charge."
  9. Click "Add a Custom Amount" if you would like to add a donations or custom amount.
  10. Delete items by sliding the item to the left.
  11.  Click "Confirm" to charge the final amount.

  12. Click "Connect Now" to connect your Stripe card scanner.
  13. Turn on the Stripe Mobile Card Reader by clicking the side button on the left until it says "Reader Connected" and allow "Bluetooth Pairing Request.
  14. Click "Process Payment."
  15. Insert, swipe, or tap the card you wish to charge into the Stripe Mobile Card Reader. 
  16. When the charge has gone through, the app will display a note that says "Thank you for your purchase!" along with the amount charged.
  17. Keep swiping! Your Stripe Card Reader will turn off automatically.