Create An Auction

Creating an auction or adding an auction to an already existing fundraising opportunity is an easy and intuitive process on Givsum.

To create an auction:

Log in to Givsum and switch to the admin side of your organization.

  • On the Admin side, scroll down your dashboard and hit the "CREATE" button to create an opportunity.
    • Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 2.16.42 PMUnder the "2. Details" section of the Opportunity Accordion, turn the auction button on.
      • Enter what date and time your auction starts and finishes under Start Bidding Date and End Bidding Date.
      • Insert your applicable Sales Tax. Upon check-out, your supporters will pay the sales tax that you have applied.
      • Choose if you would like the auction to display your organization's primary color for your auction. 
    • Under the "7. Additional Details" section of the Opportunity Accordion:
      • Turn the Do you want to hide all auction items? button on if you would like to hide your auction items from the auction page until the date and time your auction begins. This will apply to all auction items.
    • Under the "8. Admin Controls" section of the Opportunty Accordion: 
      • Turn the Would you like to require that your supporters cover your fees? button on if you would like your supporters cover your 5% + $.30 transaction fee on all auction item purchases. 
        • This will add a dollar amount to your supporter's check-out, which will be considered an additional donation, to cover your transaction cost. Your supporters will not know that they are covering the transaction fee. 
        • This will apply to all auction items. 
    • Complete creating your opportunity and hit the Finish button.

Tip: You can mix and match Givsum's features to build a unique virtual or hybrid fundraising experience. Eg: A charity raffle and an auction, a ticketed gala with an auction and store items, etc. 

Create Auction Items

Once your fundraising opportunity with an auction is created: 

  • On your opportunity page, click the Admin Tools button and choose Auction Desk.
    Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 12.00.54 PM
  • Once you open up the Auction Desk, click the Add Auction Items button.
  • Create and customize your auction item.

Customizing Your Auction Items

  • Item Number: Givsum will auto-populate your auction item's number, however, you can change it and enter a different number as well.
  • Item Name: Give your auction item a title.
  • Category: Choose a category for your item (optional).Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 2.37.40 PM
  • Feature?: Choose if you would like to feature the item so that bidders will see it shown at the top of the auction page and has a "featured" banner".
  • New Item?: Choose if you would like to label the item as new so that it has a "new" banner. 
  • Donated By: Enter a name or organization to credit who donated the item (optional).
  • Item Overview: Describe your auction item. Givsum's text editor allows you to completely customize your item's overview description.
  • Conditions/Restrictions: Enter any conditions or restrictions regarding your auction item. 
  • Saved Pick-Up Instructions: Enter pick-up instructions to let your bidders know how they will be receiving their item. 
  • Images: Choose as many images as you would like to showcase your auction item. Click the Choose File button to choose an image for your item.
    • Expand to fit: Givsum allows you to upload images of any orientation (horizontal or landscape). By checking "Expand to fit", the entirety of your imageswill show no matter the orientation.
      Screen Shot 2022-06-10 at 2.19.27 PM
    • Images automatically scroll for the bidders to view.
    • Images should be at most 300dpi and under 1MB.
  • Starting Bid: Enter how much you would like the bidding to start for your auction item. 
  • Bid Increment: Enter the bidding increment for your item. Each time a person bids, the next bidding price will go up in that value. 
  • How Many Available: If you have multiples of the same item (eg: three spa day passes), you can auction off all three of them. For example, if you have three of the same auction item, the three highest bidders will win the items.  
  • Buy Now Price: The "buy now" price is the exact price a buyer will purchase your auction item for (optional).
  • Reserve Price: The reserve price is the minimum amount that a seller will accept as the winning bid. You can choose whether on not the reserve price will be displayed on the individual auction item's listing page (optional).
  • Retail Value: Set the retail value of the auction item (optional). You can choose whether or not the retail value will be displayed on the individual auction item's listing page. 
  • Shipping Cost: Set a shipping cost if you plan on shipping the item (optional). This will be included in the price of the auction item. 
  • Include Sales Tax: Sales tax is entered in the creation of an opportunity under "Additional Details" in the opportunity accordion. Turn sales tax on to include it in the price of the auction item (optional).
  • Charge Fees: All Givsum transactions have a 5% + .$30 transaction fee. By turning on "Charge Fees", the transaction fee will be added to and included in the price of the auction item (optional).
    • If you did not already turn this feature on in the Opportunity Accordion, this will only apply to this individual auction item. 
  • Hide on Auction Items List: Hide your auction item if you would not like the item to be shown to bidders on the auction page (optional). It will still remain on your Auction Desk and will not be shown until you turn the "Hide on Auction Items List" button off. 
  • Prevent Bidding on Auction Item: Turn on if you would only like your auction item to show on your auction page but not allow anyone to bid on the item.