Generate a Report

Can I get a report on my Supporters?

Givsum automatically generates reports so that you, as the admin, don't have to. There are two different methods of downloading reports: your fundraising & volunteer opportunity's Summary Page and Analytics Page. 

Summary Page

The Summary Page is like mission control for your fundraising and volunteer opportunities.

Once you’ve published an opportunity, you’ll be able to track everything concerning it in real-time and it’s where you’ll want to go after its conclusion to see all of your final numbers.

Track donations, ticket sales, store item sales, package sales, volunteers, and invoices. Save all reports from your opportunity's Summary Page by downloading them into a CSV file. You can print reports from the Summary Page as well.



Analytics Page

Use your opportunity's Analytics Page to track analytical reports on:

  • Volume
  • Page Activity
  • Revenue
  • Demographics
  • Devices

You can save your analytical reports by downloading them straight from the Analytics Page. 

Watch the video below to understand the Givsum Analytics Page feature.