Creating Ticketed Event

Need help creating a ticketed event?


Ticketed events on Givsum can be created in a just a few steps:

1. From your organization’s dashboard, begin by clicking the “Create” button. This will take you to the opportunity creation page.

2. From the first section titled “basics,” select the type of event you’ll be creating, the scope of the event, and the visibility limits you desire.

3. Click “Continue” to move to event details. First, type in the name of your event, Set a Location, Time, Primary Photo, and Description. When completed, click "Continue to Tickets."

4. Create a ticket by entering the ticket name and a short description. You may also add a ticket image to help better represent the ticket. Next, add the price and if applicable, add a deductible amount. If you desire, you can set the minimum and maximum purchase amounts per transaction, and set the total number of tickets.

5. You can attach questions, previously created in the survey section, to prompt questions when tickets are purchased.

6. Finally, set the Display Order, and Save the Ticket.

7. Click “Finish,” then “Publish” to make the event live.