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Create a Fundraising Opportunity

How do I create a fundraising opportunity for my club or charity?

The following are simple steps for creating charity and club fundraising opportunities on Givsum.

1.  From the Admin dashboard, click “Create.”

2. From the basics section select the type of campaign, the scope of the campaign, and any visibility limits, click "Continue."

3.  From Details, place in the name of your campaign.  If there is no location or date, turn the switch to ongoing.  Upload a photo, write in a description, and turn the switch to "Yes"for raising funds.  Select a survey if you want donors to answer questions, and place a short description for how funds might be specifically used.

4. Click "Continue" through the volunteer, ticketing and item section.  From additional details, you can add a goal amount.

5. Click "Finish" and "Publish." 

Donations can now be collected for your campaign and you can broadcast your campaign through social media or email channels.